THE GAME: Ohio State Beats Michigan 31-20 for the 6th straight time

THE GAME: Ohio State Beats Michigan 31-20 for the 6th straight time

When these two teams get together on the football field, you know it will be a showdown to watch as this match-up is known as The Game. But lately it has been Ohio State winning in this rivalry series and it was the case today as well. Ohio State beat Michigan 31-20 for the 6th straight year and brings Urban Meyer’s record to 6-0 against Michigan.

Ohio State’s JT Barrett had a very good day on the field but did not finish the game due to an injury in the third quarter. Not to mention being run into by a cameraman before the game which angered Head Coach Urban Meyer. “There were too many people on the sideline.” according to Meyer and he is determined to find out who was responsible. JT Barrett was replaced by Dwayne Haskins and he played like any backup quarterback a coach would want. “Dwayne came in and played great,” said Head Coach Urban Meyer. “He had a great third and long pass to Austin Mack, had a great couple crossing routes, and handled the ball very well.”. Urban Meyer was also impressed with his offensive line and his running backs who had a total of 226 rushing yards against a very good Michigan defense. “I thought our offensive line and running backs had an excellent day,” Meyer remarked. “Any time you can get over 200 yards against that defense, you’ve had a hell of a day.”. When Dwayne Haskins came into the game, they kept it conservative. But, the biggest play for Haskins in the game was a third down play to Austin Mack in the third quarter. On the Ohio State defense, it was Sam Hubbard and Denzel Ward that really stood out for the Buckeyes. “We held them down to under 300 yards and you can’t really single anyone out but I expect that play out of those guys. They both played very well today.” Meyer said. Ohio State got a great performance out of running backs Mike Weber and JK Dobbins. Dobbins rushed for 101 yards and a touchdown and Weber rushed for 51 yards and a touchdown.

Michigan came up short once again but John O’Korn had one of his best performances of the year. He was emotional during the postgame press conference after the game. “It’s an emotional game,” said Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. “There are a lot of emotional guys that play this game.  I wish the seniors could go out with a win.”. Harbaugh also said that symptoms suffered in last weeks injury to Brandon Peters was the reason why he did not play. He was not cleared to play against Ohio State. Harbaugh was also asked what he learned about his team this season. “They are fighters,” Harbaugh said. “They work, they don’t complain, they don’t whine, and I love coaching them. We are going to keep going on the same demanding, punishing path and keep improving,” Harbaugh said. John O’Korn was 17-32 and threw for 195 yards in the game. Michigan had a total of 100 rushing yards and 195 passing yards in the game. Chris Evans had a good game for Michigan. He had 67 rushing yards and 34 receiving yards in the game. Rashan Gary Stood out on the defense for the Wolverines. He had 8 tackles and 2 tackles for loss in the game against the Buckeyes.

Ohio State will be playing in the Big Ten Championship Game next week against Wisconsin in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. Michigan will find out next Sunday which bowl game they will play in.

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