Pinckney Boys Basketball Player Profile: Luke Lovell

Luke Lovell has been a player to watch all season for the Pirates this year and says that even though they have had their ups and downs the season is going well. “This season is going very well for us. We are a super close team this year, and its really helping us pull out some tough wins on the court.” Lovell said, “Everyone on the team is friends now, we have built relationships with each other outside the court that are translating to games which are bringing us together to be a very solid team.” Lovell said 

Lovell plays multiple positions on the basketball court and says that its not a really big challenge learning all those positions. “It’s not really too challenging, our coaches have done a nice job making our system mainly positionless and putting us in spots to just be a basketball player and not having to think too much. A big thing for our team is being versatile. Coach Daniels always says “the two best abilities in sports are availability and versatility.” which means that we all have to be able to know the plays from all the spots on the floor so we aren’t overwhelmed or confused when thrown into a situation we aren’t used to.” Lovell said 

To Mentally prepare for a game, Lovell spends time with his teammates as all of them get ready for the big game ahead. “Before the game, we all stand in a circle in the locker room and visualize ourselves making good plays happen, like making a big three or taking a charge because coach is a big believer in visualizing it into reality. This really helps us get into the right mindset and focus on the game we have in front of us.” Lovell said 

Lovell is also excited to see younger brother Charlie succeed on the basketball court and says he will be one to watch along with his older brother this year and next year for Pinckney Basketball as well as Pinckney Football. “It’s super cool watching him grow as a player and get used to the varsity level. Being on the court with him and seeing him play well and develop is a really cool experience and ill be able to look back on for many years to come.” Lovell said 

Lovell has learned a lot from this season but has learned it is very important to bond with teammates. “I think the importance of team chemistry is the biggest thing ive learned. Always knowing that the guy next to you has your back, trusting each other and fighting for each other every time you step on the floor brings a new level to the team and really can be the deciding factor in a loss or win.” Lovell said