Michigan Correspondents

Casey Campbell epitomizes the issue with underem­ployment in the special needs population. He is 24-years-old completing his Bachelor’s degree in com­munication, years of experience as a sports journalist and an IQ of 145. He is reliable and considerate, and he works hard. A valued employee for any company. Yet the only job Casey could land is bagging groceries. He works part-time and he is paid minimum wage. Over the past few years, Casey has applied for a dozen communication positions. Every one has turned him down.

Casey Campbell is now employed as a sports correspondent for Great Lakes Post.


Here is a sample of Casey’s work:


Michael Minnis Sports staff writer at Greatlakes Post.com. Currently covering Michigan State University Athletics. Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, and the Detroit Red Wings. Born in Saginaw, MI in 1969,


Michael is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, majoring in Fine Art Drawing and Creative Writing. His fiction includes, “The People’s Hare,” “The Last Confederate Freak Show,” and the children’s book, “Three Paws: Sophia and Her Story of Triumph”. Michael has worked the night shift at Kroger for the past 17 years. He lives in Highland, MI.



Here is a sample of Michael’s work.