Pinckney Football Player Profile: Sal Paterno

It was a season to remember for Pinckney Runningback Sal Paterno and says that this football season was a season to remember. “It went really good I set goals before the season and I accomplished all of them. I broke records got all state and 1st team selection. All of the work I put in really did pay off. I was very satisfied with my season.” Paterno said

Paterno always enjoyed being a running back and says he has always enjoyed the position ever since he started playing it. “It’s really fun, I like trucking people and outrunning a team and I also like scoring TDS. Ive been a running back my whole life so It’s always a good time running to the end zone on Friday Nights.” Paterno said

Football means a lot to Paterno and says he would not know what to do without the sport that he loves so much. “It means a lot to me. But I also gotta realize I don’t have it forever. So I have to use it as a tool to get me places.” Paterno said

After the season was over, Paterno made a decision to continue his football career as he will continue to play at Adrian College next year joining another Pinckney Football Alumni who also made 1st team all-county his senior year, Former Pinckney QB Jack Wurzer who also happens to be the starter at Adrian. “I’m very excited to continue my Football career at Adrian. I’m ready for the next step and to see where it takes me. Adrian has everything for me School and Football and I’m just happy with where I’m at right now.” Paterno said

Paterno will miss a lot about High School Football but the biggest thing that he will miss is playing with his teammates and friends that he has played with for his entire life. “I’ll miss the friendships that I made playing football and who I also grew up with. I’ll miss that the most just playing with my buddies.” Paterno said