Saturday’s game at Crisler Center was a nailbiter, wasn’t it? 

Michigan (14-11, 8-6) once again lost a game by less than five points, this time to rival Indiana (18-7, 9-5) with less than three minutes on the clock.  The Hoosier victory ended a three-game winning streak for the Wolverines. 

The Hoosiers meanwhile have won eight out of their last nine games.

Indiana trailed Michigan for most of the game, eking out single digit leads only to be pushed down again.  A Jordan Geronimo layup put the Hoosiers ahead 4-0 early in the first half—Indiana’s largest lead of the game—but the Wolverines led by up to 11 points throughout.

Hoosiers Trayce Jackson-Davis and Jalen Hood-Schifino were a two-man wrecking crew. They scored 49 points for Indiana, 28 for Jackson-Davis and 21 for Hood-Schifino.  Hunter Dickinson scored 16 points, Kobe Bufkin 14 points, and Jett Howard 12 point for Michigan.

The three Wolverines gave the Hoosiers a hard time in the first half.  Then Indiana went on a late 4-0 streak capped by a Jackson-Davis dunk that put the score at 33-37, Michigan ahead but Indiana still breathing at half-time.

Indiana won the ball at half-time and Hood-Schifino made a three-pointer less than a minute later.  The Hoosiers briefly took a 40-39 lead with a Trayce-Jackson layup, but Dickinson replied with a layup of his own.

The Wolverines led by up to seven points during the second half, but a foul against Jett Howard gave Indiana two free throws and things got difficult again for Michigan.  It’s been a recurring theme for the Wolverines: late in tight games they suddenly dry up and stop scoring.   

Two minutes and twenty-one seconds into the drought was enough time for a Trayce-Jackson dunk, a Bukfin foul, and two free throws by Hood-Schifino.  And then the score was 62-61, Hoosiers leading.

Michigan’s drought lasted the rest of the game.  Howard went for a buzzer-beating, game-winning three-pointer at the very end.  But there was no water to be had in this desert.

The Wolverines go up against Wisconsin on February 14th, 9:00 P.M.

Photo courtesy of The Detroit Free Press