Michigan Hockey Player of the week: Cooper Marody

Michigan Hockey Player of the week: Cooper Marody

This week Michigan takes on their rivals from Columbus, Ohio as the Buckeyes come to town not just on the football field but on the Ice rink as well and Marody is ready for the challenge against this very good team. “There is no secret that Michigan and Ohio State typically don’t like each other that much” Marody says. “This is definitely the series where we can lay a foundation to finish the first half of the season strong and be confident heading into the second half of the season after the Christmas break” Marody continued.

Marody is part of the RUN DMC line this year. They have been red hot the last few weeks putting up points and scoring goals against the best the Big Ten has to offer. Marody would like to continue at this level high level of play this weekend against the Buckeyes. “We all work really hard in practice, and every time we have practice we take it the same way we take it as we do a game,” Marody Says. “If you play at a high pace and have confidence every single day in practice you will have success in the game and that is what we have done” according to Marody. The chemistry between Marody and his two linemates Dexter Dancs and Tony Calderone has been outstanding. The three are in a Swahili language class together and Marody says its another way that brings them together. “We don’t really speak Swahili on the ice” Marody says. “But I think it brings us closer together that we are on the ice together and learning another language together. At the same time it’s cool to do that with those guys” Marody continued.


Marody and the rest of the Michigan squad will have to watch out for some key players on the Buckeyes.  Including forward Mason Jobst. Who currently has 12 points on the year. “We know that they are going to be a great offensive team and a great team overall and I just try to approach each team to just prepare to be the best of my ability and the whole team does that as well” Marody Said.


Michigan takes on Ohio State in a weekend series with Friday’s game starting at 6:30 and Saturday’s Game starting at 7:30.

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