Blake Koch may have lost his ride but not his positive attitude



Blake Koch has made his name in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and has become one of the Xfinity Series most popular drivers. Koch made the Xfinity Chase the last two seasons with Kaulig Racing and won a couple of stages last year.


But, on January 9th it was announced that Ryan Truex would be driving the 11 Leaf Gutter Protection Chevrolet for Kaulig Racing in 2018 which would leave Koch without a ride for 2018.


Most people would be bitter about being let go, Blake Koch is not one of those people. He has remained positive throughout the last few days and has admitted he has been very busy trying to find a ride for 2018. “I’ve been trying to regroup and get some new partnerships and answering all of my fans on social media,” Koch said. “I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be back and not going to give up. I’ve been busy just answering fans back with their questions and comments and then just trying to regroup,” Koch continued.


When he first found out that he might be released from Kaulig Racing, his biggest worry was telling his five year old son and best friend Carter that he is not racing for Kaulig. “His favorite thing in the world is race cars and thinks that the color green is called Leaf Filter Green because that is all he has known throughout his life. My biggest worry was telling my son and my biggest fan that I’m not going to be racing anymore. Once that settled in, I asked, ‘What do I do next?’ I just have to keep a positive attitude and be a positive leader in my household and make my wife feel good and confident and just move forward,” Koch continued.


Koch was not surprised about the fan outpouring of support throughout the process. “I have been encouraged more than ever before,” Koch said. “These fans want me back on the racetrack and I want  it for them and for all of the little kids who look up to me as a role model. I’m not going to quit because of that,” Koch continued.  


Koch has been contacted by Truck Teams, Xfinity and even the Cup Series for full and part time rides. Koch says it’s not a rush to get a ride and he would even be happy with a part time ride in a good car.  He also contacted other series about potential rides.


Koch has also had an outpouring of support from former sponsor Leaf Filter Gutter Protection and also has talked to Matt Kaulig the owner of Kaulig racing. Even though a business decision was made, it does not affect their friendship. “We will continue to be friends,” Koch said.  “I think our friendship is stronger than ever because we know how to separate friendship from business,” Koch continued.


If Koch does or does not find a ride, he would be interested in getting into the world of television. “I would love to go into the television world,” Koch said. “I believe in it, I love it, and I’m a Nascar Fan. To go on TV and talk about racing, that would be so much fun. I would love to do it,” Koch commented.


What has helped Koch throughout all this has been his faith. Koch, a noted Christian, has used his faith to get through times of trouble. He says God has a plan for him and says this is just small stuff compared to the other problems in the world today.