Northville Football Player Profile: Tyler Peterson

Northville Football Player Profile: Tyler Peterson 

Northville picked up a big win against Westland John Glenn 15-0, and it was a huge confidence boost to start the season. One of the playmakers in that game was senior quarterback Tyler Peterson who says the Mustangs are off to a good start. “We have one win under our belt after John Glenn, so we’re pretty confident moving forward. Obviously, we made mistakes that game, so that’s going to be one focus of this next week,” Peterson said. 

Peterson won the starting job in the offseason and feels he has grown as a quarterback throughout high school. “I feel I’ve grown a lot since my freshman and sophomore seasons at South Lyon East. I learned a lot of great skills from the coaches there — everything from reading coverages and being a leader. In the past two years, the coaches at Northville have added to what I have learned. They have made me a better player and leader overall,” Peterson commented.

Learning to play quarterback is one thing, but another is experiencing what the position is like. Peterson has learned a lot from playing in the big games. “I’ve learned over the years that half of the position is the stuff you see out on the field, running, throwing making reads and all that. Arguably, the hardest part of the position is being a leader. If things go wrong, then people tend to turn to you and expect you to turn things around. It’s hard not to get discouraged when others are,” Peterson mentioned. 

To prepare for each game, Peterson goes over the film to prepare for the opponent. “Each week, I spend time reviewing film over and over again, trying my best to pick apart the defense, and mastering everything coaches have put in place for us as a team. As a Christian, my biggest tool for preparation is prayer. I pray for the safety of myself and the mental and physical strength to perform our best,” Peterson added.

Football has taught Peterson a lot about the game and life in general. He will remember this experience for the rest of his life. “From both practice and games, it has taught me perseverance, determination, and leadership. Football is a game that is full of failure. If you didn’t fail, you’d be scoring every play. Finding ways to work around the obstacles in front of you is what the sport is all about,” Peterson commented. 

To Peterson, high school football at Northville means everything to him. “I’ve heard from all of my coaches and former teammates that there’s nothing like high school football. I don’t quite know what it is, but there’s something about playing for your high school, being part of a brotherhood, and seeing your friends in the stands. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to experience again in my life,” Peterson said. 

Northville hosts Canton this Friday at 7 PM at Northville High School.