Michigan Football Player Profile: Jake Moody

Michigan Football's Jake Moody Kicking A Field Goal Photo by the Michigan Daily


Earlier this week, Great Lakes Post sat down with Michigan Kicker Jake Moody to talk about his 2018 Season at Michigan.


How do you think your season went this year?

JM: I think it went great. It was a great first season getting my feet wet and can only improve from here.


Why did you want to be a kicker?

JM: I played soccer but I didn’t like running. I just liked kicking the ball, so I decided to take up kicking.


How do you think you’ve gotten better as a kicker since you’ve come to Michigan?

JM: Definitely consistency wise. You can always improve.  You’re never going to be perfect but that is what you’re supposed to strive for.


You’re first game kicking off was against Notre Dame. Your first game kicking was against Indiana.  What was it like when you first stepped on a college field for the first time?

JM: It was a surreal feeling. I blacked out so I don’t really remember much but it was an insane feeling.


What kind of adjustments have you had to make since you’ve been in college just from a life perspective?

JM: I’ve had to make a lot more sacrifices with my time management. A lot less hanging out with friends and messing around. You’ve got to stick to the books and football a lot more. I’m slowly getting used to it.


How do you mentally prepare before a game?

JM: I like to just think about nothing. I like to clear my mind and just go out there and do what I know how to do.


What has football taught you?

JM: Football has taught me a lot of life lessons. It’s taught me how to get closer to all of my brothers. It’s taught me how to work hard and nothing comes easy in life.


Spring ball around the corner.  What do you hope to work on when spring ball gets started?

JM: I’m hoping to work on leg strength.  You can always improve there and in consistency. I’m trying to aim for 100% next year.