4 Takeaways from the Michigan vs Rutgers Game

4 Takeaways from the Michigan vs Rutgers Game

Michigan found a Quarterback

When you are struggling to get anything accomplished on the field, it is time to make a change and to possibly save Michigan’s season. The change at quarterback may be what Michigan needed and that may help them down the stretch. It’s huge to have that happen for Michigan. No matter who you play, if it’s Rutgers or anyone else, when you come out in your debut and put up that kind of performance, it’s huge. Harbaugh made the right decision and the Brandon Peters era begins at Michigan.

This is not the same Rutgers team

Remember, last year Michigan beat Rutgers 78-0. Well, that same team did not show up to Ann Arbor today.  Remember, Rutgers came in winning two Big Ten games in a row before losing to Michigan. Many people thought before the quarterback change it would be a tight battle all game. It was when Harbaugh did what everyone wanted to do which was put in Brandon Peters. Rutgers is a team that can improve over time but still rebuilding. The question is how much time will Rutgers need to back to where they were under Greg Schiano?  They still need a lot of time because this is still a team with a lot of work to do the next couple of years.

Michigan fans can breathe and so can Jim Harbaugh

Everyone wanted Jim Harbaugh’s Head after losing to Michigan State a few weeks back. and wanted John O’Korn replaced. They finally felt a  sense of relief today.  That all changed when Brandon Peters stepped under center. Today, Michigan found a quarterback and the offense is back under control. John O’Korn was not performing well and Michigan had no choice but to make a change. Today, was a day of relief and for now, Michigan can feel confident about their offense.

Tough Road ahead for the Wolverines

Michigan got a much-needed win today against Rutgers, but it’s a tough road ahead for Michigan down the final stretch of the season. Minnesota will be a factor next week and it’s also a night game in Ann Arbor. Then, they travel to Maryland and Wisconsin on the road and finish the season at home against Ohio State. Michigan should beat Maryland and Minnesota. Wisconsin and Ohio State will be more of a challenge for Michigan. Wisconsin is turning into a game that Michigan could steal in Madison, but it will still be a challenge for Michigan. Today’s win against Rutgers was a big and a much-needed win for Michigan. We will just have to see what Michigan does the rest of the year.

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