Union Local Football Player Profile: Cody Morrison

After a 3-7 season last year, The Union Local Jets are getting ready for a big season on the field and have worked hard all summer long to get prepared. One of those players is WR Cody Morrison, who can’t wait to get this year started. “I’m extremely excited for the season. Our whole team is and always brings that energy every day for practice. I know that energy will transfer to the field,” Morrison said. 

Morrison is a wide receiver for Union Local and says he has learned a lot from his Head Coach Bernie Thompson.  “Coach Thompson has taught me a lot about being a wide receiver. In his words, we have to catch everything. No matter where the ball is on the field, who you’re up against or whatever the conditions are, we need to catch the ball. By doing this, it pays off a lot. There’s no better feeling than making a huge catch on a Friday night,” Morrison commented.

Morrison is a senior this year and says he wants to enjoy this final year playing football while also playing baseball in the spring. “It’s a bit crazy that it’s my last year, but I’m trying to slow everything down and enjoy this year. Football and baseball are going to be something I miss,” Morrison mentioned.

Balancing two sports along with school can be a considerable challenge, but Morrison knows he has to use his time wisely and make sure he does his schoolwork on time and gets good grades. “It’s a lot of hard work, but I have to manage my time wisely.  It is a lot of lifting and balancing school work to get good grades. I have to make everything work out and plan my time accordingly,” Morrison added. 

With the stress that school and sports bring to a high schooler, it is essential to make sure you have time for yourself and Morrison always makes time to be with his family and friends. “There’s a lot of sacrifices I have to make. When I have time for myself, I’m either with my family or my friends because they all are my backbone in life. Sometimes I have to tell my friends I can’t go out and do stuff with them or I have to sit in my room and get all my work done for school. However, sometimes in emergencies, my family or close friends come before anything,” Morrison stated. 

After this season, Morrison doesn’t know what’s next for him but says he wants to enjoy his final year of high school. “I honestly don’t know what lies in the future, but I think I have a big future in baseball or football. I am just making sure my grades come first,” Morrison said.