Anthony Wayne Football Player Profile: Mason Alberts

After beating St. John’s Jesuit, 56-14, Anthony Wayne is off to a great start this season. As the Generals will face a tough game with Toledo St. Francis De Sales this Friday night. One of the players to watch this season is quarterback Mason Alberts who says the season is going well. “My season is going great so far, but it’s not just me. My team or what I consider my second family has been playing lights out and we are only two weeks in so I’m excited for the rest of the season,” Alberts said. 

Alberts switched over from Wide Reciever to Quarterback this year and said it’s a different experience under center. “It’s a different experience, but it’s something I’m willing to step up and do for the team. Everyone has been encouraging me and challenging me to get better. The team definitely has my back and is supporting me all the time,” Alberts commented. 

Since the change happened, Alberts says that he is enjoying his time at quarterback and says he has learned a lot playing the position. “Changing positions has been a new experience, a whole new learning experience. I went to having to know one thing and do my job to having to know everyone’s job. I have to read the defense, so it’s new, but it has made me a much better football player,” Alberts stated. 

Football means everything to Alberts, and he would not know what to do without it as he is grateful for the opportunity to play the sport he loves. “Football is something that I love to do. I’m never upset when playing football. I love to play football; I love to workout for football. I love to be with my football team. They are my second family. If I can’t be with my actual family, then I want to be with my football team,” Alberts added.

To prepare for a football game, Alberts takes some time to himself and thinks about what he needs to do to help his team win. “I find somewhere quiet that I can go to and I pray because I’m a very religious person. Just praying to God for guidance and to lead my team makes me relaxed and calms me down. Mentally it puts me in the zone for the game,” Alberts stated. 

Alberts says the most significant thing he leans on the most while playing football is his faith. It has helped him through very tough situations. “It has helped me immensely. Just knowing that he is always there for me and trusting in him has just lifted a weight off my shoulders because I know he will always be there for me. It just really helps to have God in my corner at all times and knowing that he’s there,” Alberts said. 

Football has taught Alberts a lot over his time not just about the game he loves, but lessons he can use for the rest of his life. “Football has taught me how to grow up and lead others. Not only that, but it has taught me so many life lessons on how to be a better person in society and how to treat others,” Alberts said. 

Alberts will miss a lot about high school football but says the most significant thing he will miss is all the people he has met while playing the game he loves so much. “I’ll definitely miss my team, the community, and by far my football coaches that are the best coaching staff in the area. They are amazing role models. My coaches are someone I can go to for guidance and can go to just to talk about whatever’s going on in my life,” Alberts mentioned.