Anthony Wayne Football Player Profile: Bobby Miller

Bobby Miller wanted to make his senior year the best, so he decided to go out for football.  Miller was a major part of the Generals this year both on offense and defense and said the experience was amazing to be a part of.  “Being my first year playing, I thought it went really well for the team and helped us on our historic run this season,” Miller said. 

Miller is a wide receiver and cornerback for the Generals this year and there is nothing that he enjoys more than making big plays.  “I loved it. Making a big play on one side of the ball, and then going to the other side and trying to do the same thing was amazing. I really liked the wide receiver position at the beginning of the year, but then cornerback grew to be my favorite position. 

Miller’s decision to play football in his senior year brought great results.  The Generals had an undefeated season, an NLL Title, and six straight shutouts.  “I wanted to make the most of my senior year. Coach Brungard and I talked the spring before and I decided I was going to play. I’m really glad I did, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.” Miller said. 

Even though this is his only year playing high school football, the sport means a lot to Miller and would like to continue playing at the College Level. “Towards the beginning of the year, I just came out here to have fun and help my team as much as I could.  Then towards the middle of the season, I started to tell myself I wanted football to be a part of my future. I asked Coach Brungard if it was too late to start the recruitment process for college and he said no. Football became a lot more than just something to have fun with, it meant an opportunity to set me up for my future and I really had a love for the game,” Miller said. 

Miler’s pregame regimen involved one of his teammates. “Jacob Potkanowicz and I would go on the field pregame and throw the ball around.  We would always soak in the environment and just have fun. I wasn’t really a guy who plugged in the headphones and listened to music. I wanted to envision the plays in the game I was going to make before they even happened,” Miller said. 

Miller has learned a lot about the sport of football, but Miller said the sport has taught him a lot about himself as well.  “Football really helped find who I really am. Being around my teammates and coaches for five months was the best time I’ve had my whole life.  It showed me that I can be whoever I want to be as long as I’m around the people who support me the most,” Miller said. 

Miller will definitely miss high school football.  “Being around those guys and my coaches is the biggest thing I’ll miss.  Also, running out onto the field and seeing the whole community out there to support us, nothing will ever top that.”