Orchard Lake St Mary’s Baseball Player Profile: Nolan Schubart



Nolan Schubart is a freshman at Orchard Lake St Mary’s and is ready to start his first year of high school baseball.  He can’t wait to start the season. “I’m ecstatic for the season to start. I couldn’t be more happy to play my first high school game, especially with this team.  The team is full of talent from pitchers to hitters and catchers. We are strong in every category,” Schubart said.


Schubart is enjoying his freshman year and says that everyone from teachers, coaches, and fellow classmates have welcomed him with open arms. “My freshman year is going amazing; the atmosphere is something I could never imagine. Since our school is small, everyone knows everyone. Being able to walk outside class to class you can bond with more people and new people because you have more time to talk to them. The teachers here are also amazing. They help with any question you have and help you with all of your assignments,” Schubart commented.


Choosing a high school can always be tough, and Schubart thought that Orchard Lake St Mary’s was the right school for him. “I chose St Marys because it was the best fit for me academically and athletically. It has allowed me to excel in both. Every day I’m in high-level classes with amazing teachers and classmates. I’m able to excel in athletics by being able to workout and stay in shape every day of the week. I flat out love it here,” Schubart exclaimed.


To mentally prepare for a game, Schubart always takes a pre-game nap and says rest helps him prepare for the upcoming game. “I usually take a nap before the game because I like to stay loose and relaxed. After my nap, I usually put my headphones on and listen to music for about an hour until I have pre-game warmups,”  mentioned Schubart.


Schubart announced his commitment to the University of Michigan to play baseball and says that Michigan is the right fit for him. “It was the best fit for me academically and athletically. They are solid in both categories. I also loved the college itself. I just knew Michigan is where I wanted to go. Now, I don’t have to worry about the whole college recruiting process. I get to focus on the high school season more,” Schubart added.


Schubart also says that he is nervous to play high school baseball but says that once he gets a few games in, it will feel just like another game. “I am nervous about playing because I have to get used to playing 3-2 ball, but then again, I’ve played so much baseball in my life that it is just another game to me,” Schubart said.