Orchard Lake St Marys Baseball Player Profile: Anthony Fett

After winning another state championship last year, the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s baseball team will once again be a threat to win another state title. One of the players to watch this season is Pitcher Anthony Fett who is excited for the season to start. “I’m very excited about the season,” Fett said. “Having the chance to compete for another state title is incredible. Just seeing all my teammates improve their game is a great thing to see, and I can’t wait to get back out on the field with them,” Fett continued.

Fett has always loved being a pitcher and enjoys how he can control the game. “I’ve been pitching forever, and I’ve always loved it. Being able to control a game and go at my own pace is great. Being able to pitch in college is a great opportunity for me. Controlling games one pitch at a time is great. When I’m in the zone, and when everything is working right, it is the best feeling. I feel like I’m able to shut out any team in front of me,” Fett said. 

To Mentally prepare for a game, Fett gets to the field early and always stretches and takes everything in before the first pitch. “I get to the field during batting practice and go in the bullpen and stretch out. Then I go in the dugout and visualize executing pitches and doing what I need to do. Once I get out on the mound, I visualize where I want the pitch to go before I throw it,” Fett said. 

After high school baseball, Fett will be heading to Akron to continue his baseball career. Committing to play college baseball is a dream come true. “I had always wanted to play college baseball at the highest level, and Akron is giving me a chance to do that. The coaching staff has given me a great opportunity to succeed. I like all the coaches, and I feel that they’ll give me all the tools I need to succeed at the college level,” Fett commented. 

Baseball means a lot to Fett and says the sport has helped him be the person that he is today. “It means the world to me. I’ve been playing it my whole life, and being able to accomplish so much and learn so much is truly amazing. Baseball has taught me so many life lessons and has helped me become the man I am today,” Fett stated.

Fett has also learned a lot from playing baseball and says the sport has done more for him than he ever expected. “It taught me how to take criticism and use it to my advantage. I’ve also gotten a lot better at self-analyzing and becoming my own coach in a way. It has also made me a mentally stronger person,” Fett said. 

Fett will miss a lot about high school baseball, but the biggest thing that he will miss is his teammates. “I’ll miss my teammates,” Fett said, “I’ve developed great bonds that will last a lifetime. I may be going off to college, but I will always make sure to check in with my St. Mary’s boys,” Fett added.