Magnolia High School Football Player Profile: Nathan Hakes

For Nathan Hakes, it was a good season for him this year as he played his first year of high school varsity football and said he learned a lot playing safety. “This football season went pretty good understanding how many seniors we lost last year. I was recognized as a 2nd team All-District as a sophomore. Our record was 5-5, but we lost three games with a total of 12 points, and I am taking that to heart this offseason to push myself and our team to be better,” Hakes said.

Hakes started playing flag football at the age of 5 and has loved the game ever since. “I first started playing flag football at the age of 5, and I have played ever since. My dad motivated me to play to follow in my grandpa’s footsteps who was a college football player and a track star. Since then, I have been in love with the sport and have always strived to better myself and others in the sport in football,” Hakes commented.

Spring football is starting soon in Texas and Hakes says he cannot wait to get out there and work on his skills to prep for the upcoming season. “I want to work on my technique and footwork. Another thing is I want to get stronger and faster so I can execute my plays better,” Hakes mentioned.

High school football is different in Texas and Hakes says there is no better feeling when the entire community shuts down for the game. “The community always has a big impact on the games. In my town, Friday Night Lights are always important. Most of the town comes out and supports because they love cheering on their teams. The rivalries are bigger, and the passion the people have in football is always huge. Most importantly is my team, there is not any other team like them and the bond we all have together,” mentioned Hakes.

The best part about Hakes’s game is his technique and footwork and says that he wants to improve on that in Spring Football this year. “The best part about my game is my technique and footwork.  I find the holes and drive downfield to make the tackles. Another good part about my game is how I cover and make plays on the ball,” mentioned Hakes.

Mentally preparing for a game is always essential in Football and Hakes has his own way of preparing for a game. “I like to think about what my job is on every play and what I need to do to get my full potential out on the field. I like to think and watch film on the people that I am going against, so I know what they do on the field,” Hakes remarked.

With having a 5-5 season last year, Hakes feels this year could be his best year of high school football. “I am excited and ready for next year. I feel like next year will be good for our team. I have been putting in the work in the offseason, and I am ready to see the outcome next year,” Hakes said.