Lapeer Football Player Profile: Bobby Opalewski

The Lapeer football team had another great season, but it did not end the way as they wanted. One of those players that made an impact on the team is receiver Bobby Opalewski. Even though the team did not accomplish their goals, he still learned a lot from this season. “The football season didn’t end as well as expected. The team was expected to go on to states and win, but we fell short.  I know we’ve learned from our mistakes, and that will make me a better football player in the coming years,” Opalewski said. 

Opalewski is a receiver for the Lighting and says that it is a very enjoyable position. “There is nothing like it. There’s no other position or thing I would rather be doing than running routes to beat the guy in front of me and catching a touchdown to help my team come out with a win,” Opalewski added.

Football means a lot to Opalewski and says the sport has done more than he could imagine. “Football means everything to me. I’ve been playing since I was seven, so being able to continue my love for the game at the collegiate level is everything I have,” Opalewski commented.

To mentally prepare for a game, Opalewski always watches a lot of film on the opponent. He also prays before every game. “Before every game, I say a prayer.  I say the same prayer before every game. I also stretch very specifically to work everything out before I hit the field. I listen to the same playlist of songs before every game as well. When I hit the field, I’m focused and only focus on how I know to play the game, and I stay locked in,” Opalewski mentioned.

Football has taught Opalewski a lot over the years and says he will remember the lessons he learned from football for the rest of his life. “Football has taught me how to be a man overall. It taught me that no matter what is going on in your life, you have to work hard to be the best. Nothing is given in life, and you have to work for it,” Opalewski said. 

Now that high school football is over, Opalewski now turns to his college football career as he has committed to Siena Heights to continue playing football. “It is the best feeling ever. To know I have an opportunity to play the game I love for another four years is amazing. The coaches are truly awesome and have shown so much interest in me, which means a lot. They offer the program I want to study as well, which is very important. Siena Heights is a place I can truly call home!” Opalewski said 

The biggest thing that Opalewski will miss about high school football is his teammates, who he has played with since he started playing football. “I’ll miss all the teammates I group up with. We’ve played football together since we were seven, so that will be missed greatly but will continue to be a brotherhood there. I will also miss all the coaches I’ve had since little league up to high school. Also, I’ll miss all of my friends who didn’t play football, cheering me on as well,” Opalewski said.