Howell Boys Basketball Player Profile: Will Hann

If you follow Howell Boys Basketball, then you probably have heard the name Will Hann. He has been one of the biggest players on the Highlanders this year, and Haan says the season is going well after battling back from tough losses to Brighton and Ann Arbor Skyline. “I think our season is going great. We’ve had a couple of tough losses, but we’ve bounced back, and we’re better than ever,” Hann said.

Hann has been coming off the bench for the Highlanders. He has delivered every time he steps on the court. “I love my role this year to come off the bench and score and give the team good minutes. I’m trusted a lot to shoot and score as my role along with solid team defense. Everybody on our team does an amazing job of playing their roles, and that’s why we’re always a very good team,” commented Hann.

Hann loves playing at home at Howell and thinks that the Highlanders have a huge advantage with the home crowd. “Playing at home is amazing; we have the best student section in the state, and they also travel extremely well. Hitting a big shot is a different feeling than anything else, and there’s nothing like it. Getting wins at home is so important because it builds our confidence. For example, beating a very good Okemos team and then going into Dewitt and beating them,” Hann added. 

For the last few weeks, the Howell boys basketball team is in a stretch where they see all of their conference opponents on the road. Hann says that the division is very tough, especially when you go on the road. “Going on the road is always a test, especially in our division, because anyone can beat anyone. I love the bus rides there and back and traveling is sometimes nice. On our current seven-game road streak, it is tough, but it’s nice to get some wins against Salem, Canton, Northville, and Novi,” Hann stated. 

Basketball means a lot to Hann and says he would not know what to do without it. “Basketball is everything to me. I don’t know anything but basketball. I grew up around basketball and have been playing all year since 1st grade. I love the game and absolutely love playing for Howell,” Hann said.

Hann has also been taught a lot about over the years, and they will be lessons that he will have for the rest of his life. “Basketball taught me how to work hard and be patient. Embracing the struggle is our saying in basketball, and it shows with how far we’ve come as a program and what we do here at Howell to be successful,” Hann said. 

Hann will miss a lot about basketball at Howell, but the biggest thing that he will miss is playing with his teammates. “I’ll miss just hanging out with everybody on the team. I love all the bus rides and games with them and try to take in every moment I have left as a senior. There’s a lot of stuff as well Ill miss as a senior like the games, fans, and coaches; I will be back here a lot to see all of the younger kids grow up and positively continue the program,” Hann said.