Hartland Girls Basketball Player Profile: Whitney Sollom

The Hartland Girls Basketball team is off to a really good start as they are one of the favorites to take the title this season. One of those players is senior Whitney Sollom who says that the team is off to a good start so far. “The season is going very well for us. Our chemistry on the team is really good. We play team basketball and it shows on the court. We support each other on and off the court. Everyone is very supportive of each other. Any time someone is down, we bring them back up. Having good chemistry makes our team successful.” Sollom said 

Sollom is a center for the Eagles this season and She says that its a huge advantage when she is on the court. “Being able to play a position where I have an advantage is always great. I am able to make moves such as a turnaround jumper or a hook shot. It is a more physical game in the paint for sure.” Sollom said 

Hartland Girls Basketball has always been one of the most established teams in all of Michigan High School Girls Basketball and Sollom says she is happy to be a part of it. “Our team is supported all throughout the community and I think that’s what makes Hartland so special. Our team goal is to stick together and make history in the program.” Sollom said 

To mentally prepare for a game Sollom has the same routine as she prepares for the opponent in that game. “I have a playlist I listen to before every game and that gets me motivated before I play. I also go over my moves in my head as I prepare for the other team.” Sollom said 

Sollom has learned a lot from playing basketball over the years and it will be lessons that she will keep for the rest of her life. “You can have relationships with your coaches and teammates on and off the court. You can play multiple positions in any case scenario. There will always be successful with whatever you do if you put your heart to it. You are also taught how to work under pressure.” Sollom said 

Before this season started Sollom decided where she will go to continue her High School Basketball Career as she will head to the University of Michigan next fall to play for Kim Barnes Arico. “I’m very happy with the decision I chose. Its a great school and I’m very excited to be a part of that community next year.” Sollom said 

Sollom will miss a lot about High School Basketball but the biggest thing that she will miss is her teammates. “They always have my back and the relationships I have built with them are precious. They are my sisters and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else.” Sollom said