Flint Kearsley Football Player Profile: Braylon Silvas

Braylon Silvas had a dream season for Flint Kearsley this year in Football and said that the season went well but he’s more than ready for next season to come along. “I think it went pretty good. Obviously not satisfied with how I played. I always expect more. I have this fire burning inside me for more and I can’t wait for next year. 

Silvas enjoys being a quarterback but does admit it is the best position that is fitted for him. “Its not easy but it is the best position on the field in my eyes. It allows me to show my leadership skills and also as a Quarterback. Most people look up to you and you want to be the best person/student you can be for them.” Silvas said 

This was a memorable season for the team as the Hornets made the playoffs for the first time since 1998 and Silvas said this was a season that he will never forget. “It was an awesome season I will never forget. We did things no one has ever done in a long time. To know this group was ar Kearsley their whole life was even better. We didn’t go to another school to win. We are building something and to know I’m apart of it is very special.” Silvas said 

Football means a lot to Silvas and says that the sport has done more for him than he could ever imagine. “Football means everything to me. I wake up thinking about football and go to sleep still thinking about it. I always want to get better. Football helps me with creating bonds with my brothers on the team and building bonds with different community members and its something that is very special to me. Football is a lifestyle.” Silvas said  

To Mentally prepare for a game, Silvas watches a ton a film throughout the week and always makes sure that he is hydrated. “I watch hours of film and I drink gallons of water throughout the week and I also watch Lamar Jackson highlight videos. I get to a quiet place and just lock-in. All week, I’m getting ready starting Saturday Morning.” Silvas said 

Football has also taught Silvas a lot about himself but the biggest thing that it did was to teach him life lessons that he will remember forever. “The sport taught me how to be a man and it taught me how to bond with teammates and how to overcome adversity. Kearsley hasn’t won in the past and a lot of things don’t go our way. It taught me if you keep on fighting eventually the result will be good. Not everything in football will go your way just like in life. You have to fight for everything. 

Silvas is more than ready for next season and has already started preparing for the year ahead. “I’m more than ready for next season. I really want to prove that I can play with anyone but Im excited as this offseason is going to keep working and come to work with a work ethic unknown to mankind.” Silvas said