Dexter Basketball Player Profile: Cal Bavineau

Dexter Basketball has been doing well this season.  There have been a lot of players that have been stepping up.  One of those players is Cal Bavineau, who says, “I think it’s going pretty well. We have had some rough games and some games we didn’t shoot well, but I think we have great potential to win many more games.  Everyone wants to succeed and wants nothing short of winning. We have struggled a little bit offensively, but last Friday against Tecumseh was a great example of what we can do on that side of the floor.” 

Bavineau is a point guard for the Dexter basketball team and says that it is a thrill to play the position.  “Its fun being a point guard, I’ve played it my entire life, so it becomes natural to me. Being a point guard means being vocal and being a leader.  Being a point guard is about trying to be a leader and making sure everyone is on the same page. Being a point guard is fun in a tough conference, you get challenged every week by the opposing guard.  It’s fun to play defense,” Bavineau said. 

To mentally prepare for a game, Bavineau watches game film with his team and by himself.  He says, “I watch film on the other team and who I match up against trying to find tendencies and things they like to do.  Right before the game, I listen to music and focus on the game and I like thinking about what is going to happen and kind of predict some of the plays our team will make.” Bavineau said 

Bavineau has learned a lot this season as a sophomore but says that he has gotten a lot of help from the upperclassmen on the team.  “I think I’ve learned to try and be more of an offensive threat because it will open things up for others,” Bavineau said 

Overall, Bavineau thinks he is doing well on Varsity but says that he has more to improve on as the season goes along.  “I think I’m doing pretty well.” Bavineau said, “Coach Rushton says just do your job. I think that is what will make us very successful.  My job is to play defense and run the offense and I think I’ve done that job for the most part.”