Clarkston Basketball Player Profile:  Keegan Waslik by Casey Campbell

Photo courtesy of Oakland Press

Keegan Waslik commented, “My season is going good, we started off slow as a team, but picked it up.  Everyone was doubting us and we showed a lot of people what Clarkston basketball is and that we are not going anywhere.  Individually, I’ve been playing good but need to pick it up for the second half of the season,” Waslik said.

Waslik is a freshman this year on the varsity team.  “I expected this much success because I’ve prepared for this.  I know what it takes to be a freshman on varsity at a good school.  Working hard every day, I expect more and more as the season progresses,” Waslik said.

He considers his defense one of the best parts of his game.  It lights a fire in Waslik when the other team scores. Waslik said, “I believe I’m the best defender on the team and defense gives you offense.  It irritates me when other teams score and you don’t want that so you get up and guard them.”

Waslik mentally prepares for a game by knowing the other team and what his assignment is. “I prepare by knowing what I have to do.  I need to know who I’m guarding, their strengths and weaknesses. On game day, you get in a mood and that mood is no one on the other team is your friend and you have to take care of business or you’ll lose,”  Waslik said.

This season, Clarkston has a new coach in Tim Waslik, who just happens to be Keegan’s uncle. Keegan knows what his uncle expects from him and the rest of the team. “It’s cool knowing him for a long time.  I know what he expects out of me and what I have to give. Being around him every day is fun. We come from a basketball family and to continue the tradition in front of him is pretty cool,” Waslik said.

Clarkston basketball has won the Class A State title in the last two seasons.  Waslik exclaimed, “It would mean everything. All of the hard work put in, late nights and early mornings, it’s the best. Winning another title for Clarkston would show that we want it just as much as anyone.  If you got heart and determination, you can get to a state title and win.”