Indianapolis Lutheran Football Player Profile: Blake White

Blake White had a pretty good year playing quarterback for Indianapolis Lutheran, and even though the ultimate goal came up short in the 1A High School Football Championship Game, White says it was still an outstanding season. “I think it went very well. We made it to the state finals this year for the first time in school history. I thought I had a good year with a good supporting cast around me, which I feel made my job easier,” White commented. 

White has been a quarterback for as long as he can remember. “I’ve been playing quarterback since I was a little kid, and I just love the challenge and adversity that the position brings. I love to look at a defense and try to figure out what they are doing while at the same time, figure out what I can do to beat that defense. The mental aspect of the position is what intrigues me the most,” White remarked. 

White also says that he has performed well this season and has improved at the quarterback position. That is one of the reasons Indiananoplis Lutheran went to the State Finals this year. “I feel that I executed our offense the way our coach wanted it ran. We run a spread, RPO style of offense and I feel I did it in a very successful manner. Once again, my supporting cast such as Marcus McFadden, whom I feel is the best running back in the state, really helped me succeed at this level,” White added.

Football means a lot to White and said the most important thing to a successful football team is good teammates all working together. “It’s a brotherhood. It’s working as a team, not as an individual, accomplishing an ultimate goal. It’s about relying on the guy next to you and knowing that he’s got your back no matter what,” White stated. 

To prepare for the upcoming games, White will go through countless hours of film to read up on the important and get mentally ready for that week’s opponent. “I spend hours and hours studying film of my opponents, and I take that information from the film and try to apply it during practice. That way, I am mentally and fully prepared to take on the challenge ahead,” White mentioned. 

Football has taught White a lot over the years, but one of the biggest things the game has taught him is not to give up when times get tough. “Football has taught me perseverance and pushing yourself to do things that no one else wants to do. It is a necessary key to success. It’s taught me that success doesn’t come without having to put in the work to get better and perfect your craft as much as possible,” White commented.

After a one-point loss in the 1A Championship Game, White is ready to get back on the field and try to win Indiananoplis Lutheran’s first state title in football. “I am extremely eager for next year. The state final loss left a bitter taste in my mouth. That loss makes me want to work even harder than I ever had before to prepare for the next season. Next year’s football season can’t come soon enough. I’m addicted to football, and there is nothing else I want more right now than for next year’s football season to come,” White said.