Michigan Football Player Profile: Patrick Kugler

Michigan Football Player Profile: Patrick Kugler

This week’s player profile is on Michigan Offensive Lineman Patrick Kugler

Over time, fans have gotten frustrated with Michigan Football this year with losses to Michigan State and Penn State. But, it seems that the offensive line has improved in the last few weeks and had a great game against Rutgers. Kugler can see that major improvements are being made. “We are just playing very physical right now,” Kugler said. “As long as we can play physical and eliminate the mental errors, we will be doing great,” Kugler commented.

An offensive lineman’s job is to protect the quarterback and the running back. Over the last few weeks, they have had to block for Karan Higdon who is making his name known for the Wolverines. “He is a very physical back and he plays mean,” said Kugler. “When you have someone that plays like that, you want to bring it up to his level. You are always are going to block hard for him.”

This week’s opponent is Minnesota which means that the little brown jug is on the line. Michigan won the last matchup in 2015. These two teams do not usually play each other because they are on opposite sides of the Big Ten Conference. This matchup is the first time that Jim Harbaugh and PJ Fleck are going to coach against each other. Kugler says the offensive line is up for the challenge. “This is a good football team,” Kugler said. The defensive line is good and there’s a lot of talent on that defensive front. PJ Fleck is a great coach and he is going to have them ready to play, so we have to match their intensity or be better than their intensity. It’s a night game and a rivalry game, so it should be a hell of a time,” Kugler commented.

The Battle for the Little Brown Jug is at 7:30 pm on November 4th on FOX.

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