Michigan Football Player Profile: Maurice Hurst

Michigan Football Player Profile: Maurice Hurst

One could argue that every football game is just another game and preparation for that game is no different than any other game. The exception to the rule is Michigan vs Ohio State. Michigan and Ohio is not just another game and for Maurice Hurst it will be his final game as a wolverine and he says that there are just no words to describe this game. “It’s a game filled with so much history and so much tradition I feel like it speaks for itself and its played out that way and it’s just one of those games where players bring their best out and that’s what I’m trying to do and the team is trying to do.” Hurst says.

To be ready for this game and play at a higher level Hurst says Coach Harbaugh has prepared them for this matchup multiple times throughout the season. “We have gone over it a couple times throughout the year. This is the first week we have taken a hard look at them (Ohio) to see what they are trying to do.” For the defense to have success they will have to contain Ohio State quarterback JT Barrett. “He has been at Ohio State as long as I have been at Michigan” Hurst says. “To try to get that win against him would mean everything and just to try to stop him presents a challenge and I think our defense is capable of doing that” according to Hurst. Ohio State also has a great running game with JK Dobbins and Mike Weber and Hurst also says they will be tough to stop.” “Dobbins is a great player. “He was one of those players that flashed early on in the beginning of the season and has developed his game as a player throughout. They have done a great job using Dobbins and Mike Weber they are both great backs and they are two people we really have to stop and control throughout the game” said Hurst.


Heading into this game, Jim Harbaugh has not talked much about Ohio State this season. But, you really don’t have to talk about it to know the importance of this rivalry. “He has not really touched on it this season” Hurst says but in the past he has always talked about this game and the importance of this game and all the greats who have played in this game. It’s important to win this game and it’s always important to beat your rivals” Hurst says.


Michigan plays Ohio State this Saturday at noon on FOX.

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