4 Takeaways from the Michigan Vs Ferris State Hockey Game 11/2/17

4 Takeaways from the Michigan Vs Ferris State 11/2


DMC Line is fun to watch


The Dancs, Marody and Calderone line has been fun to watch over the last few weeks. They really turned it on especially at the Penn State games last week and it was no exception tonight. The line totaled for 2 goals and 4 Assists in a dominating performance against Ferris State. Cooper Marody had a slow start to the season but has turned it on in the last few games. He had 1 goal and 6 assists against Penn State during the two game stretch in Happy Valley. The DMC line could possibly get up to the CCM line from a couple of years ago so we will have to see.


Michigan Set the Tone Early


You could see that Michigan wanted to set the tone early and they did despite a great effort from Ferris State in the early periods.  You could see that Michigan played very physical and that’s what Mel Pearson has preached to these guys all season. They take it one shift at a time and play very physical. We saw that against Ferris State especially in the third period where they were too much for Ferris State to handle. Michigan will have to keep that type of play in the next game because you know Ferris State will be coming out stronger after being dominated the night before.


Jake Slaker is turning into a special player


Jake Slaker has been having a couple of good games for the Wolverines and is on the verge of becoming a special player. He had 2 goals against Vermont and is the reason why Michigan won the second game against Vermont. He is turning into one of the impact players for this team. He definitely can be a factor once this team gets into conference play. Slaker ended the night with 2 goals and 1 assist with 8 shots on the net. Jake Slaker is playing with a confidence that is no other and if the San Diego native can keep having good games, he will carry that into Big Ten Play.


Goaltending is solid


Michigan has two solid goaltenders in Lafontaine and Lavigne. Yes, they have both had their moments this season, but you have to remember they are trying to replace Michael Nagelvoort who was Michigan’s goalie for 3 seasons. In today’s college hockey, it’s good to have two quality goaltenders.  Pearson is probably going to rotate Lafontaine and Lavinge between games. They are both playing well and they should get an equal amount of playing time between the two of them.

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