Michigan Football Profile: Stephen Spanellis

Michigan Football Profile: Stephen Spanellis


Over the last few weeks, the Michigan offensive line has made significant progress the last couple of games and players are making a name for themselves. One of those players is offensive linemen Stephen Spanellis.


Spanellis is a sophomore this year and has made an impact this season on the offensive line. Spanellis is happy to be here and be playing football at Michigan, and he has received help from his fellow linemen. “My fellow linemen have helped me out a lot and they have taught me how to be a college offensive linemen, how to study the game, and I am just happy to be a part of this team. I love being with my teammates,” said Spanellis.


Spanellis has played tight end in middle school and high school before transitioning to the offensive line. Even though he may consider going back to playing tight end, he’s a lineman true and true. “I’m not sure how likely that will be on a permanent status, but I will be used in anyway that helps the team. Anything I can do to help the team out I will do,” Spinellis remarked.


Michigan plays Maryland this week and it’s a return home for Spanellis to his hometown of Baltimore. He says they have to be ready for a very tough Maryland team. “Just like any game it will be a push, grind and strain like it always is. We have to try to grind out yards. Maryland is a good football team and Coach Durkin is a great coach so we will have to be ready for the challenge when we face them,” commented Spanellis.  Being a new guy, you have to learn different types of things coaches want to do and Spanellis has learned Offensive Coordinator Tim Drevno’s system. “Ive gelled very well,” said Spanellis. “I’ve just been putting in the work on the field and in the classroom. I’ve been learning all the assignments and it’s been going very well so far,” Spanellis continued.


Michigan travels to Maryland this weekend. The game is at 3:30 on Saturday, November 11th on the Big Ten Network.

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