Ohio State Vs Michigan Hockey Preview with Ohio State Head Hockey Coach Steve Rohlik

Ohio State Vs Michigan Hockey Preview with Ohio State Head Hockey Coach Steve Rohlik


Whenever Michigan and Ohio State play, no matter what sport, it is going to be a hard fought battle. Michigan vs Ohio State do not just play on the football field this weekend. They will also be playing on the hockey rink as well.  Head Coach Steve Rohlik says it’s nothing different no matter what sport you are in, when Michigan and Ohio State get together, it will be a battle. Rohlik says: “It’s a conference game but it’s also Michigan and there is not really a lot you have to say to get your team ready for this game.


Michigan has been playing very well the last few weeks and are coming off a loss and a tie against Wisconsin. They have been highlighted by their first line the Run DMC line of Dexter Dancs, Cooper Marody and Tony Calderone and Rohlik says they will be tough to stop. “They are very good players and they have a great chemistry right now.  We have certainly seen in the past that Michigan can have a line that can dominate college hockey. We just have to be detailed and understand we have to cover their defensemen, goalies and forwards and for me they have to be detailed in covering everyone that’s out there and that’s the recipe for success” Rohlik said.


Ohio State also has some players that Michigan will have to contend with including forward Mason Jobst who has a total of 12 points this season. “Jobst has been an impact on our team since he got to Ohio State as a freshman”. Rohlik said “He brings it to the rink every day with his work ethic, his detail and his want to get better and he does it not just on the weekends but every day in practice and that is what translates for him and he is currently a great guy to have on your side”. Rohlik continued. Another player to watch out for on the Buckeyes is forward Matthew Weis. Who has had 4 goals and 5 assists for the Buckeyes this season. Goaltending has also done pretty well for Ohio State as Sean Romeo, playing in almost every game,  has a 1.73 goals against average.


Every game is just another game but Rohlik says you don’t have to say much about this matchup to get Ohio State fired up. “Ive talked about it but there really isn’t anything you have to say with Ohio State and Michigan getting  together. It will be a battle every time these two teams get together on the ice” Rohlik Says


Ohio State will take on Michigan in Hockey this Friday and Saturday. Friday’s game will start at 6:30 while Saturday’s game will start at 7:30.

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