NHRA Preview: Jim Campbell

NHRA Preview: Jim Campbell


There are many teams to watch out for in the Funny Car Class in NHRA for 2018. One of them is Jim Campbell who is in his second season driving for the legendary Jim Dunn. Campbell is ready to start his second fulltime season in the NHRA. “Everything is getting better at Jim Dunn Racing,” Campbell said. “The team has more cohesiveness, the cars are better, the driver is better. Also, Big Jim Dunn giving us fast cars gave us a lot of confidence at the end of the year going into next year,” he continued.


Not much changed in the funny car field. But, 2018 will be the return of Bob Tasca III to full time competition and also will bring Ford back to NHRA. “That is  another car that we will have to deal with,” Campbell said. “He is a great driver and we are glad to have him back,” he continued.


Out of the 4 classes, the funny car class could be the most competitive this year. Campbell thinks that this is the year he gets into the countdown. “We have to stay consistent to get in the countdown in 2018,” Campbell said. “When you spin the tires it opens the door for somebody else. If you don’t spin the tires, not only will you make the countdown but you will win races. Another good thing about this year is we are bringing our same guys back and I think we could get a couple of wally’s this year,” Campbell said.   


Campbell also feels more comfortable in the seat this year than he did last year. “The more seat time you get the more you learn,” Campbell said.  “Jim Dunn will bring me in and the computer does not lie. This is what you did good, this is what you did bad, and this is where you need to improve. You have to always be on your game 100% of the time because every run is different and you have to be ready for it.  I’m learning a lot more every race,” Campbell continued.


At every NHRA race, every ticket is a pit pass and NHRA drivers are some of the most fan friendly.  Campbell enjoys meeting and talking with his fans. “I am a people person,” Campbell said. “I enjoy talking to the fans and meeting all the kids who love drag racing. It takes a lot of the pressure off from the car to enjoy yourself. I was young once too so it’s so much fun meeting and talking to all the kids. Even though I’m a driver, I’m still a fan of drag racing,” Campbell continued.


The NHRA Drag Racing Season Kicks off on February 12th in Pomona, California.