Trenton Football Player Profile: Nolan Whiteside

Trenton’s Nolan Whiteside has had a great start to the season after transferring from Brighton to Trenton this year. He is enjoying the season after getting a big win this weekend against Dearborn Edsel Ford. “I think the season is going good so far. We have a lot of things to fix from week one, but the offense is really clicking. Week 1 vs. Edsel Ford was a good start, but against a team like South Lyon, the mistakes have to be at a minimal, and we have to make better reads on defense,” Whiteside said. 

Coming to a new school can always be difficult for a lot of kids, but Whiteside has had most of his family including his father, uncles, and Grandfather who used to be a coach at Trenton. “It’s really cool actually. My father, who recently passed away, played at Trenton. My uncles all played here, and my grandpa was a coach for the Trojans. It’s very cool being able to play for a team where there is a lot of family history,” Whiteside commented. 

After hosting Dearborn Edsel Ford in week one at home, they will not see their home field in over a month as Trenton’s next four games are all on the road starting this weekend at South Lyon. Five out of the next six weeks of the season will be on the road. “We have four big road games in a row, four really tough teams too. I like road games. It’s always great going into someone else’s house and winning. After South Lyon, we get to play Wyandotte, which is always one of our toughest opponents. Then we go on to play Allen Park another one of our toughest opponents and finish the road trip off playing Taylor. It should be a fun four weeks,” Whiteside mentioned. 

Whiteside is a receiver as well as a safety for the Trojans. He has improved his game during the offseason. “I think I have gotten smarter when it comes to sitting on routes and making reads. I have also gotten faster than before. My routes are sharper than before along with being able to pick up extra yards after the catch,” Whiteside said. 

Playing both sides of the ball is always tough for any high school football player, but Whiteside enjoys it and has become a smarter football player because of it. “It’s more tiring, but it really helps you stay in the game, mentally and physically. I feel like I get a better feel for the game and a better understanding of the opposing players,” stated Whiteside. 

Football has taught Whiteside a lot, and he has become not just a better player but a better person because of it. “Football has taught me responsibility, commitment, and trust. Trusting your teammates is huge to be successful. You always have to know who or what you are responsible for, and it is a huge commitment by my family and me,” Whiteside said. 

Whiteside will miss a lot about the game of football but says the most significant thing that he will miss is the gameday experience. “I love gamedays, from when I wake up until I go to sleep its just a special feeling that only comes on Fridays, and I will miss being apart of a team that is basically family because of all the time we spend together,” Whiteside said.