Rockford Football Player Profile: Eli Haddad

It has been a good year so far for the Rockford Rams as the team is 6-0 and is heading to the playoffs for the 25th consecutive season. One of the players to watch for the Rams is Wide Reciever Eli Haddad, who says the season has gone well. “The season has gone great,” Haddad said. “We are 6-0 as of right now and have qualified for the playoffs for the 25th consecutive season. Our head coach is back, and nothing has changed. We are still taking it each week in and out, and perfecting our craft. The team is really starting to come together,” Haddad said. 

Haddad loves the position of being a wide receiver and says he works very well with his quarterback, Chris Corey, who is also his best friend. “It’s amazing!” Haddad stated. “I love being a wide receiver. I’m able to go against great corners in the OK Red Conference, which helps improve my game. Also, it creates a great relationship with my quarterback Chris Corey. We are best friends, so our connection translates right to the field on Friday Nights,” Haddad added. 

The Rams also got longtime Rockford Football head coach Ralph Munger back on the sideline. Munger had bypass surgery before the season and returned during Week 4’s game against Muskegon Mona Shores, and Haddad says it’s great having their head coach back on the sidelines. “He brings all the guys together with his great coaching, and he preaches to us a lot about football and life. He talks about his experiences with his life and tries to put us down the right path. With him doing that, it translates to the field where we trust him as a head coach, so it is great having him back,” Haddad commented. 

Football means a lot to Haddad and says that the sport has changed his life for the better. “Football means everything to me and has changed my life. It has created amazing friendships that will last forever. It has kept me out of trouble, and it taught me how to be a man. Without football, I’m not the man I am today. It has impacted my life in so many ways,” Haddad mentioned. 

On Gamedays, Haddad follows a gameday routine to get him ready to play under the Friday Night Lights. “I always have my earbuds in all day on Friday and try to do my schoolwork to get my mind off the game that night. As I walk around the school, I go through routes in my head and watch the film. I always have a good mindset going into the game and talk to myself throughout the day,” Haddad said. 

Football has taught Haddad a lot over the years and says they are lessons he will use for the rest of his life. “Football taught me how to be a gentleman and treat everyone with respect that’s around me because you never know who is watching. It also taught me how to handle defeat and how to handle my emotions and everything else,” Haddad remarked.

Haddad is a senior at Rockford this year and will remember all of the good times that he had with his teammates. “I’ll miss going out on Friday nights and having the whole city behind you. I’ll miss playing the game I love with my best friends. Nothing will ever be like that growing up in this city. Playing for this city has always been an honor. I will miss that the most,” Haddad added.