Mason Football Player Profile Michael McGuire

The Mason Bulldogs are off to their best start in 5 years as they are 5-0 for the first time since 2009. The Bulldogs have a significant game coming up with Fowlerville this Friday. One of the impact players for the Bulldogs this year is running back Michael McGuire, who says the season is off to a good. “I think our season is going very well. We have a team that has multiple weapons and understands that it’s a team sport, and everyone is just as important as anyone else,” McGuire said. 

McGuire is a running back for the Bulldogs and says he has a lot of fun making the big plays on the field. “Being a running back is one of my favorite things in life I’ve done to this day. Just the art of the whole position has my attention from setting up my blocks from making people miss. It’s just poetry in motion,” McGuire commented. 

The success of the team this year is everyone playing together as one, and McGuire said it’s good to see everyone working together to accomplish something special. “The fact that we all know how to play together as a team and know that we have each other’s backs is important. We realize the team is bigger than ourselves,” McGuire mentioned. 

To mentally prepare for a game, McGuire sits with his team and listens to some music to get ready. “I like to sit in the locker room with the rest of the team and listen to music to get us ready for the game. Just being with the team reminds me I have a job to do and a brotherhood I have to help,” McGuire added. 

Football has taught McGuire a lot over the years and says he is grateful for the lessons that he has learned while playing the sport he loves. “Football has taught me strength and a sense of family, courage, and selfishness. It has also reminded me that football is not just about me, it’s about the team and whatever I can do to help is what I will do,” McGuire stated.

Mason has a tough game tonight with Fowlerville, and with the CAAC Red title up for grabs tonight, McGuire says it should be a very competitive game between both teams. “Fowlerville is a very good team. They play hard and fast, and it will be a great challenge for both teams to meet. We are both 5-0 with the division title on the line. Both of us are going to after it and give it all we got,” McGuire said.