Hartland Football Player Profile: Brad Sollom

This season, Hartland fans have heard the name Brad Sollom a lot as he has shared time with Logan Tobel at quarterback and says the team is having a really good season after a big win last week against Salem. “So far the season has gone well. We played a tough game against Dearborn Fordson week one and did what we needed to do last week to take care of business. This will be an important week for us as we prepare for a tough Brighton team,” Sollom said. 

Sollom has seen more time at quarterback this year due to the injury to Holden D’Arcy who is out for the season. Sollom was ready for the opportunity when it came. “I felt bad for him, but that happens in football, and you just got to be ready when your opportunity comes,” Sollom mentioned. 

Sollom has grown as a quarterback and has improved on many things throughout the offseason. “I think my footwork has improved greatly; I’m getting more confident. The guys are getting more comfortable and confident with me in there. I still have a long way to go, and I learn a little more every week. I’m learning how to read coverages and know when to throw the ball before the windows close,” Sollom added. 

The Eagles have a tough matchup on the road this week with Brighton. The Eagles have not beaten the Bulldogs since 2015 and Sollom says the 2019 Eagles are up for the challenge. “It will be a great experience, but it will also be tough. Playing a rivalry game on their home turf is more challenging. We have to have a great week of practice and work very hard to prepare for a tough Brighton team. I’m excited to face this challenge head-on,” Sollom added. 

Sollom comes from a very athletic family. His mom played women’s college basketball at Michigan State; his dad was a quarterback at Michigan, as well as both his sisters playing basketball at Hartland. Sollom says it’s cool having such an athletic family around him. “It boosts my confidence to go out there and succeed. It helps to have good athletic genes in the family, making things a little easier,” Sollom said. 

Football has taught Sollom many things, but the main thing it has taught him is to become a better leader in all facets of life. “Football has taught me how to be a leader on and off the field, in school, around others, and even at home. “I’ve played the quarterback position my entire life, and I’ve come to realize that to be an effective quarterback means to be a leader, lead by example, make other people around you better, and always doing the right thing,” Sollom said.