Flushing Football Player Profile: Nick Powers

After coming off a loss to Detroit Country Day, the Flushing Raiders are ready for there next opponent in Temperance Bedford. One of those players to watch is Nick Powers who is prepared for this week two matchup after a loss the previous week. “I’d say we’re a little rough around the edges, but we’ll get better throughout the season. We graduated our whole offensive line, so our line is young. They’re learning fast, and they’ll get better and better. Our defense is looking strong since we have a lot of returners on there,” Powers said. 

Powers is the QB for Flushing this year and is taking over for Kade Andrews who graduated last year and hopes to fill the role as he did. “I have some big shoes to fill. He and I worked well in practice and made each other better in ways. He was a key component to our offensive success, and I’m hoping I can fill that gap from him graduating,” Powers commented.

Powers has put a lot of work in the offseason and has worked on mastering the position of quarterback. “I’ve taken every rep seriously and tried to perform at my best. I’ve focused on my footwork and ball placement on passes, staying in the pocket, and going through my progressions. If I make a mistake, I correct it the next play with the correct steps and reads,” Powers added.

Powers also plays baseball along with football and says playing two sports helps him stay in shape all year round. “Playing two sports keeps you in shape. One sport works a group of muscles and the other works even more. Each sport teaches you different lessons, but they both help you to be competitive on and off the field,” Powers stated. 

To mentally prepare for a game, Powers will keep to himself and think about what he has to during the game to help the team get the win. “I Don’t talk to many people. I try to visualize what I’ve prepared for and get in my zone. Once the pads go on, it’s a whole different side of me,” Powers mentioned. 

Football has taught Powers a lot over the years and says they will be lessons he will use for the rest of his life. “It taught me how to push through the hard times of something. How to face adversity and mainly how to become a strong competitor,” Powers said. 

Along with playing football, Powers also plays baseball and earlier this year he committed to play college baseball at Michigan State. It is the school he always wanted to attend. “It’s exciting. It’s very cool when your whole community hears about it, and they all know who you are,” Powers said. 

Powers admits he will miss the sport of football a lot, but the biggest thing that he will miss is the friends he got to play it with. “I’ve played with many of them since I was little and most of them don’t play baseball, so this is like the last time I’ll be their teammate in a sport, and I’ll miss playing with them for sure,” Powers said.