Fenton Softball Player Profile: Erin Carter



Erin Carter is in her senior season playing softball at Fenton High School and says her season is going well her senior year. “We have improved a lot from last year and have a pretty solid team. We have a winning record that we hope to continue throughout the year. We have battled out of situations and kept our energy and effort at a high at all times. Also, on and off the field, my team is so funny and fun, so it has been a blast with them so far,” Carter said.


Carter has always been a shortstop as long as she can remember and still likes making the key play to get the out. “I’ve played shortstop all my life since I was little. It was always my favorite, and I loved the long throw across the field and how you have so much range. So you have to read the ball right and take good angles to the ball. I have so much fun with the challenge of the position and all the hard grounders or pop flies,” Carter commented.


Before a game, Carter would sometimes get a little nervous but always tells herself that she can do it and that she has a great team around her. “I get a little nervous before every game no matter who it is. So I always try to calm myself down and remember that I have a great team who has my back. Also, I know I have worked hard and have what it takes to play in this game.  I tell myself to go out and do the best I can,” Carter added.


Carter will be playing college softball at Iowa next year and said that Iowa just fit for her and loved every minute of being on campus. “I wanted to get out of Michigan and have a new adventure somewhere else so from Michigan to Iowa is about 7 hours which is perfect for me. But, the reason it’s the right one is just the feeling and the atmosphere of the campus. I have been there several times now, and every time I go, I get more excited. I love being. It is a bigger campus, but it is easy to navigate. It is everything I wanted in a college,” Carter stated.


Carter was recruited and also committed before Renee Gillispie took over the Iowa program this season. Gillispie came to Iowa after spending 18 years at UCF. Carter has met the new coaching staff and has been to Iowa several times and fell in love with the new staff the minute she met them. “I have been to Iowa a few times now, and they are amazing! I’ve also talked to some of the players on the team, and they say that Coach Gillispie is great and cares a lot about all the girls which makes me so excited to have her for four years. When I have talked with her in person, she seems super nice and sounds like a great coach,” Carter said.


Softball means a lot to Carter as her mom played at Detroit Mercy and her sister Logan is currently playing at Western Michigan. Carter says that the game has taught her so much on and off the field. “It has taught me just about everything I know today. I have learned how to communicate with others and work as a team. It has also taught me to be strong not only physically but how to be strong mentally. It has shown me how much I love to travel, and it has truly given me so much,” Carter stated.