Dexter Football Player Profile: Bobby Pnacek

Bobby Pnacek is one of the receivers in the Dexter Dreadnaughts receiving core this season. He says the team is having a pretty good season so far even though they lost to rival Chelsea week 1. “The season didn’t start the way we had expected. I think that the win against Ypsilanti showed our ability to bounce back and set the tone for the rest of the season,” Pnacek said. 

Pnacek says that being a receiver is all about being in the right place at the right time. Pnacek works on that a lot in practice. “It’s all timing and doing your job. Touchdowns are part of it, but even when the ball isn’t coming to me, I’m shifting the defense and getting my teammates open, or I’m blocking. I love it!” commented Pnacek. 

Pnacek is just a wide receiver and says it’s good to focus on one side of the ball where some high school players play on both sides. “I think it’s extremely beneficial. An obvious factor in that is energy level during the game, but also practice. Being able to focus on just one position allows me to work on the little things that make me better,” Pnacek mentioned. 

Football means a lot to Pnacek as it is the sport he enjoys the most. It’s a place where he can go to clear his mind and have fun. “Football is an escape from any stress or responsibilities of my everyday life. It’s also an opportunity to get out and do something I enjoy,” Pnacek stated. 

Pnacek prepares for a football game just like every other player does by watching the film on the other team and knowing what his assignments are on the field. “Thursday night for me is reviewing the plays and watching the film. On game day, I’ve got my headphones on, getting dialed in. Most of my day is just spent thinking,” Pnacek said. 

Football has taught Pnacek a lot over his years playing the game he loves. He will remember what he’s learned for the rest of his life. “It taught me to give 100% effort in everything I do. It’s easy to give half effort on a route or be lazy on a block, but you’re never going to win like that. Coach Jacobs is always telling us that football prepares us for life better than any other sport, and I think he’s right. If you want to be successful in life, you’re going to have to do some things you don’t want to do,” Pnacek stated. 

Pnacek will miss a lot about high school football, but one of the biggest things he will miss is his teammates and playing under the Friday Night Lights. “There’s nothing better than those Friday night lights, getting out there in front of all the fans and the community, and just giving them what they want to see,” Pnacek commented. 

Dexter will host Dearborn Edsel Ford this weekend at 7 PM at Dexter High School.