Detroit Catholic Central Football Player Profile: Easton St Clair

Last week, The Detroit Catholic Shamrocks got a very big win against Detroit King, one of the top teams in the entire state of Michigan. One of their impact players was Easton St. Clair, who felt amazing after getting a win when no one said they could. “It was amazing since everyone doubted us; King was a good team. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a win, especially in the last three minutes of the game,” St. Clair said. 

St. Clair plays both sides of the ball this season at tight end on offense and linebacker on defense. It is a new experience, but he is adapting to it. “It’s a new experience, but I am having fun with it. It’s great to be out there running around, having fun. Also, it helps me to stay close to my teammates on both sides of the ball. It helps to be a leader as well,” St. Clair mentioned. 

Catholic Central means a lot to St. Clair and says it is an honor playing for a school with a rich football tradition. “Catholic Central means everything to me. Knowing you can turn to anyone at that school and they will have your back. The atmosphere, the drive, and having the best student section is great. Alums still come back to the school. It is is an awesome experience,” St Clair stated. 

St. Clair worked on a lot of things this offseason but said the biggest thing he has worked on is his speed. “I wasn’t the fastest kid last season, but I got my 40 times down. Also, just working out with the team and working seven on seven helped. Everything really to put us in a good spot for this season,” St. Clair commented. 

To prepare for a game, St. Clair goes through his assignments of what he has to do to help the team win and credits the coaching staff for preparing the team so well. “I always go through responsibilities. The coaches do a great job preparing us with film and practicing against what they do. We are more confident that we know what’s going to be thrown at us,” St Clair added. 

Football has taught St. Clair a lot of responsibilities over his time playing the game. He will remember the lessons he learned for the rest of his life. “Football taught me how to take responsibility, be a team player, have the mental toughness, push my body to the limits, and find how I can further myself as a person,” St. Clair stated.  

St. Clair will miss a lot about high school football, but one of the things he will miss is playing football with his closest friends. “I’ll miss the brotherhood, being around the same people since middle school, and the friends you make on the first day. It’s just a fantastic experience. In some cases, you get to play with the same kids from middle school or who you grow up with. You have been around the same area. So that’s special. The blood, sweat, wins, losses, and everything you go through with those same people are unforgettable,” St Clair stated. 

Detroit Catholic Central will have its first game at home this Friday against Toledo Whitmer.