Daniels Having an Exceptional Season for Midland Dow Track



Earlier this week, Great Lakes Post spoke with Midland Dow’s track team member Garrett Daniels who is having an exceptional season in both the hurdles and the high jump for Midland Dow’s team.


How do you think Track Season is going?

GD: Track is going great this year. I have had a personal best in all of my events this year and placed in at least one event in all of the invites this year.


What is your favorite part about running hurdles?

GD: My favorite part about running the hurdles has to be competing with my teammate Nate Rhee. We like to have fun and see who can beat each other.


How do you think you have done at running the hurdles?

GD: I think I have done reasonably well. My times aren’t amazing but I improved a lot over my three years, and I can generally place in big meets.


How do you think you have done at high jump this year?

GD: High jump has gone very well for me this year. I recently had a personal best of 6′ 6″ which puts me at a tie for 3rd in the state. I have improved a lot since last year and hope to keep improving.


How did you first get into track?

GD: I first got into track because of my older brother. He is three years older than me and ran track and was pretty good so I had a legacy to uphold coming in to track which I started in the 7th grade.


What’s it like being a three-sport athlete?

GD: Being a three-sport athlete can be very taxing sometimes especially through the summer when you are trying to work on all three sports.  You don’t have much free time and have to be dedicated to each sport and find time for school work.


How do you mentally prepare for a track meet?

GD: Preparing for a track meet mentally is all about being calm and doing what you know you can do. You can’t over think things or get scared because someone has a better time than you do. In a way, track is a sport against yourself trying to improve while also scoring points for the team. You have to be able to focus on what you practice and bring it to the meet.


What has track taught you?

GD: Track has taught me a lot of self-discipline because to improve even the slightest amount you have to put the effort in at practice. With there being so many kids on the team the coaches don’t have a ton of time to focus on one person, so you have to do your own thing to get better.


What are your goals for this year?

GD: As for my goals for this year, I’d like to make it to the state meet in the high jump, but I also want to get the school record of 6’7″ which is 1 inch above my best. I always want to keep improving.