Brighton Football Player Profile: Nick Nemecek

The Brighton Bulldogs are off to a 5-1 start after a shutout win against Northville last Friday. One of the impact players on the Bulldogs is running back Nick Nemecek, who says the season is going well heading into a week seven matchup against Salem. “I got off to a slow start the first few games, and I haven’t been making explosive plays, but I believe last night was a breakout game for me. I’m hoping to improve on that in the next couple of weeks,” Nemecek said. 

Nemecek is the running back for the Bulldogs and is having a lot of fun making the big explosive plays this season and picking which lanes he wants to go to get to the endzone. “I think being a running back is awesome because once you get the ball in your hands, you control where you want to go. It also allows for a lot of creativity in how you do certain things with footwork and cutting, which is the best part of my game,” Nemecek mentioned. 

In their last game against Northville, Brighton Area Schools celebrated their annual pink week in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Brighton Football Team wore pink jerseys for the occasion. On the back of their jersey’s was the name someone that has impacted them that had cancer or is currently going through cancer. Nemecek said that the game against Northville was more than just a game and was very special to honor everyone that has been touched by cancer. “Friday night was an emotional night. It was a blessing to play in honor of all the people who have fought and are still fighting cancer. It was just great to go out there as a team and play so well in honor of the names on the back of our jerseys,” Nemecek added. 

Football means a lot to Nemecek. It has been a big part of who he is for all of his life. “Football has been a big part of my life ever since I was little. Football helped me grow up, and I’ve learned so many things about life through the game of football. Most importantly, I met all my friends playing football. The reason I have so many great friends is that we share a love for the game of football and we have created a great bond over our years of playing together,” Nemecek commented. 

Football is a mental game, and Nemecek always sticks to his routine when it comes to getting ready for game time. “I normally walk out to the field and look at it for a couple of minutes. Then I go back into the locker room and put in my earbuds and listen to music while I’m sitting. I normally close my eyes and try to relax for a bit,” Nemecek said. 

Football has taught Nemecek a lot over the years and says the lessons he learned in football will prepare him for the rest of his life. “Football has taught me that when you fail at something, the only way to succeed is to keep trying until you succeed,” Nemecek said. 

Brighton will travel to Salem this Friday for the Bulldog’s last road trip of the season. Kickoff is at 7 PM.