10 Questions with Linden Football’s Colby Kohmescher

In this edition of 10 questions, Great Lakes Post’s Casey Campbell caught up with Linden Football’s Colby Kohmescher. 

1.  How much of your success is on natural ability and how much has come from working at it? 

Kohmescher: I’d say its about 50/50. I put in a lot of work on my own, but I’d say my natural ability is what got me into sports. So I would say 50/50. 

2. What Songs are on your playlist for Gamedays? 


Litty- Meek Mill

0 to 100- Drake 

Respect- Notorious BIG

Play for Keeps- B.O.B 

Seven Nation Army- White Stripes 

3. On a scale of 1-10, how often do you get mad?

Kohmescher: I don’t get mad that often. If I were to get mad, it would probably be on the baseball field or football field. Other than that, I’m a pretty chill guy.

4. Name a favorite moment during your time at Linden so far?

Kohmescher: I would say last year’s homecoming football game with Flint Kersley. I had a big interception around the 3rd quarter, and the place started going crazy. That’s when we knew that this game was ours.

5. On Scale of 1-10, how often do you get stressed? 

Kohmescher: I would only get stressed if it were school-related. Like if I had a big test coming up or its exam week. That’s the only time I get stressed. 

6. Is there something that you just can’t do or aren’t good at? 

Kohmescher: I would say I can’t kick a football. That is one thing I can’t do, and I don’t know why. If I try to kick a football or anything, it is super bad. So kicking is something that I can’t do. 

7. Name a sport that you want to try? 

Kohmescher: I want to try lacrosse; it just seems fun, and I just wanted to see what it would be like.

8. What’s it like having dogs?

Kohmescher: It’s just awesome having dogs. They are always there when you get home and are always happy. You can’t really ask for anything more of them. 

9. Do you have a hidden talent? 

Kohmescher: I’m really good at Cornhole. 

10. What makes you the happiest in life? 

Kohmescher: I would say sports because anytime I am playing football or baseball, I feel like I have the most fun than doing anything else. I love playing both sports.