Road to Indy Driver Preview: Colin Kaminsky



Beginning today, Great Lakes Post will preview select drivers competing in the Road to Indy this year. Starting with USF 2000 Driver Colin Kaminsky, who will be driving for Pabst Racing this season after driving with DEForce Racing last season.


  1. How do you feel your 2018 Season went for you?


Kaminsky:  I feel that the 2018 season went fairly well. There were both high points and low points throughout the year.  Working with DEForce I was able to gain a bunch of experience while fighting for podiums. The goal of the year was to do just that so I am pretty satisfied with how it went.


  1. Why did you go to Pabst Racing?


Kaminsky:  I decided to go with Pabst Racing for the 2019 season because my goal for this season is to win races and ultimately a championship.  Pabst Racing has proven that they can do that giving me the best chance at achieving my goal.


  1. How do you feel like you have grown as a racer?


Kaminsky:  I feel that I have grown as a racer in my maturity on the track. I started off last season with a couple of crashes that set me back.  So, coming out of Indy, I put my head down and stayed out of trouble which really showed in the second half of the season. Ultimately, this made me a better driver.


  1. How do you balance school and racing?


Kaminsky:  Balancing school and racing is really tough but it all comes down to time management.  Planning out my day and knowing what assignments or tests I have to get done before leaving for a race weekend is what allows me to race while enrolled full time at the University of Pittsburgh.


  1. How has hockey made you a better race car driver?


Kaminsky:  I think hockey has impacted my racing career by making me become more of a mature adult.  Dealing with coaches and players within the organization on a college campus really increases your responsibility and communication levels.


  1. What are your goals for the 2019 season?


Kaminsky:  My goals for the 2019 season are to stand on the podium, win races, and win the championship. I will be working hard everyday to do those three things.


  1. How do you mentally prepare for a race?


Kaminsky:  I mentally prepare for a race by going over laps in my head or envisioning how I can improve during the race.


  1. What has Racing Open Wheel cars taught you?


Kaminsky:  Being in open wheel racing has taught me how to compete against my competitors with respect for racing room.  Open wheel cars are dangerous around one another so getting involved with other cars can prove to be risky. That is why it has taught me to give a respectable amount of space when fighting for position.